Friday, November 04, 2005

Let me see if I have my timeline correct.

1. Joe (Lies!) Wilson provides information to the NYT's Nicholas Kristoff in an early May 2003 column.

2. Joes Lies! then becomes an "unpaid' advisor to the Kerry campaign later that month.

3. On June 13, Mr. Kristoff runs another column using Joe Lies!.

4. In early July, Joes Lies! writes an op-ed in the NYT. Chris Matthews then rails about Scooter Libby.

5. Scooter calls Tim Russert to complain about his networks coverage.

6. Novak writes his column.

7. Partisan hell breaks lose!

Hopefully, these are the facts.

I think the second one is the key to unravelling this mess. How did the Kerry campaign learn that Joe Lies! was Kristoff's source? Or was it just conincidence they hired the former ambassador who caused such a kerfuffle throughout the remainder of the summer?

Did the Kerry campaign use the NYT? Or did the Kerry campaign and the NYT work in conjunction? (Recall the NYT used their six-degrees-of-separation argument to discredit the Swiftboaters. The Left then dismissed them based on this coverage.)

If anyone dug...

UPDATE: Looks like there is a connection being drawn in the blogosphere.

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