Tuesday, July 27, 2004

WSJ.com - With Trends Like These . . .

An extremely smart article. Basically, it applies the adage from the financial industry, past performance is no guarantee of future results.

The CW that launches this piece is the one espoused by Dick Morris regarding undecided voters breaking against the incumbent (nevermind, Mr. Morris claimed Hillary was the "incumbent in 200" and undecideds broke for her.)

I question the number of undecideds esp since most pols show 40% or so of the polled do not know anything about Kerry. I do and find him unvotable.

Friday, July 23, 2004

The Berger Affair (washingtonpost.com)

So he takes 5 or 6 reports and 50 pages of notes and the concern is, as always, the Bush Administration??


More Revelations in Berger Inquiry (washingtonpost.com)

WaPo, keep your eye on the ball! The question is not the leak but the crime.

Allowing Clinton spinmeaisters to lead the story is disingenous and can only lead to your support for the spin while ignoring the crime.

Who cares how it was leaked? It was a crime!

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Say Anything

Ambassador Joseph Wilson IV provided the foundation of the “Bush lies!” rhetoric of the American Left with his refutation of the 16 words in the President’s 2003 SOTU address. He claimed that he personally investigated the claims that Saddam Hussein’s Iraq sought to acquire uranium yellowcake from Niger and proved them to be unfounded.

Ambassador Wilson also attacked the Bush Administration for breaking the law by exposing his wife, a former undercover operative at the CIA, in an effort to discredit his verbal findings (verbal because he did not submit a written report) regarding the yellowcake issue. The journalist to whom this information was leaked by administration officials stands by the assertion that nepotism was involved in the Ambassador selection to investigate. He adamantly stated that she was not!

The anti-Bush/Anti-American Left (pick one) incorporated both these points into its rhetoric, and spread it throughout the media (3 appearances on Meet The Press, numerous op-eds in the major newspapers, endless blather on cable television).

Last week, the Senate Intelligences Committee release its assessment of the intelligences leading up to the Iraq War and found nothing Ambassador “Joe Lies!” Wilson said to be true (The Brits also came to the same conclusion). The conclusions were not a four-ounce interpretation. The conclusions directly contradicted the Ambassador “Joe Lies!”. He said he refuted the 16 words. The Committee says he bolstered the claim. He said his wife did not have any thing to do with the decision to send him. The Committee found she recommended him.

He lied. As with the claims of “sexing up” WMDs, it is not the Administration that lied but the ones accusing him of lying who proved to be the liars.

This week former Clinton national Security Advisor Sandy Berger was exposed for stealing documents from the National Archives. He “inadvertently” put them in his briefcase and stuffed his notes down his pants. (Whether he stuffed these in his socks is still a matter of he said/she said. The guards say he did. The epitome of honesty, his lawyer, said he didn’t.))

One may argue with my use of the word “stealing” to characterize Mr. Berger’s actions, but ask yourself, if you went to the library and put a book in your bag and walked out, what would you have done? Or if you put said book in your drawers and left?

The use of such common sensical explanations is necessary as the Clinton Spinmeisters are out in force – Lanny Davis, Joe Lockheart, and the Big Spin Daddy himself, Bill Clinton. Amongst their diversionary explanations are the classic, He Did So much Good So What If He Did Something A Little Bad. Another is the standard Republicans Leaked It to Distract From Bad News for the Prez or Bush Is Distracting from Our Nominating LoveFest.

The most novel one is the Uncle Billy Defense which is named in honor of dear Uncle Billy from It’s a Wonderful Life who, in his Christmas (Aaaaaah! The C-word!) joy inadvertently leaves the mortgage payment to the good ol’ Savings and Loan in a pile of papers while filling out a deposit slip. Oops, says the former President, Sandy is just so disorganized. (Sidebar: Why was he the head of National Security if he was so disorganized….)

Anyhow, what has unfolded is a situation where the Anti-American Left has been continually exposed as subversives, and the Democrats have been exposed as “useful idiots” to quote their hero, Vladimir Lenin. This is followed-up by the law breaking of one of the highest-ranking officials in the Clinton Administration.

The shades of Watergate and McCarthy are arising to wreck their vengeance on the lying anti-Bush/Anti-American Left and the Democrats who have hitched their wagon to it.

Archives Staff Was Suspicious of Berger (washingtonpost.com)

So sad is the Kool-Aid Democrats who will believe anything out of former Clinton spinmeisters.

Berger stole documents. One may disagree with my use of the word "stole", but what else is it to be called? If I enter a library and take a book without checking it out, what did I do?

This is Watergate all over again. I sincerely hope WaPO stays on it.  I have become so cynical regarding the NYT that I doubt it will do so. 

Semi-related:  If this story gets run over by the coverage of the Dem Convention, wouldn't that mean the likely leak was from a Demorcat?

The New York Times > Opinion > Guest Columnist: Owning Up to Abortion

So an abortion due to medical defects is the equivalent to one of convenience.

This is a sad state to be in. A very sad one. My only hope is that this moral lye bath is the beginning of a thorough marginalization.

Send Eichenreich and her ilk to the shunned residences of the Klan.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

CNN.com - Federal probe targets Clinton's national security adviser - Jul 20, 2004

As Mr. Berger was under investigation prior to testifying before the 9/11 Panel, why wasn't has asked what he took? Heck, I'd have been impressed if he was just asked why he did it?

The New York Times > Washington > Clinton Aide Faces Inquiry for Taking Classified Documents

Since I have a hard copy of the NYT today, this expanded article can not be used as the real thing.

Mr. Berger "inadvertantly" removed them and then lost them. How?

WSJ.com - Clinton Aide Berger Is Subject of Criminal Probe

I read this this AM in the NY Sun and The Journal News. Both reported that two copies were missing.

I checked the NYT online when I got to work, and the story is a blurb with no mention of the missing documents.

Also, this information was known at the 9/11 hearings. Why wasn't he questioned?

Monday, July 19, 2004

The New York Times > Washington > Campaign 2004 > Kerry Building Legal Network for Vote Fights

Looks like the Democrats will be looking to steal this election.

That is my first reaction to this article. But upon further thought, I need to ask what the baseline level of lawyering involved in elections is. Of course, I have no way of finding this piece of information.

A more detailed look at Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney's case against Kerry:

Senator Kerry has been my senator in Massachusetts for almost 20 years. I don't know what he stands for. His conflicted positions have been well documented as have his tortured explanations of them. I believe they flow from conflicts of interest that he has difficulty reconciling.
He wants to make medicine more affordable for all, but he can't rein in malpractice windfalls for trial lawyers, who support him. He wants better education, but he can't take on the education unions. He wants to make government more effective and slimmer, but he can't take on the public unions. He says he opposes gay marriage, but he votes against the Defense of Marriage Act. He votes for free trade and NAFTA, but he decries it in an election year.

He argues for better intelligence in the homeland, but attacks our most effective tool for intelligence, the Patriot Act. He's quick to point out the obvious flaws in the Iraq military campaign, but slow to tell us what he would do from here, for he wishes to appease as long as possible both those in his party who want to walk away and those in his party who want to finish the job correctly. In my view, John Kerry is simply too conflicted to be president of the United States. There are too many special interests.

President Bush makes decisions which flow from his love and belief that he should do everything in his power to make America a great land and to serve the American people. I believe that in the end the American people will make the right choice.

This was posted in The Corner's Kerry Spot. I reproduce it here for two reasons. First, I wanted to preserve it in a more easily accesible form for my own reference, and second, because it may be the single best expression of why Kerry should not be President. Note there is nothing personal in it.

The most shicking thing is this was said by a politician. My respect for Romney has increased from what was a generally negative view due to his 2nd home in Utah and the machinations involved with claiming he was eligible to run for MA governorship to a now earned respect for this summation.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

The New York Times > Washington > Campaign 2004 > Public Likes Edwards, but Race Is Still Close

How does the Times find a sample in which 85% of the polees who are registered voters will vote, and another 11% who will probably vote?

50% of registered voters voted in the last election and that was no different from the prior election.

These polls are close to the value of a piece of shit, and even that has more value to a farmer than this poll.

Friday, July 16, 2004

'Spidey' toy meets its match

Let me get this straight. A battery which contians mercury is included in this toy. As a result, AGs determine it must be removed for the safety of the children.

As a parent with 5 of these items (we eat a lot of cereal and Kellogs in particular), I am naturally alarmed, but a little thought helps quell my irrationality.

First, these slings have a screw battery lid so the kids would need to use a screwdriver to get tot he battery. At that point, the kid would need to smash the battery open.

I have a fague recollection of trying to do this with other batteries by throwing them against a brickwall and never recall ever getting one open. Now these types of apparently indestructible batteries were of the C type not the little button kind I presume to exist in the Spidey shooter (which by the way is an incredibly cool toy to be in a cereal box. it really works great in the dark of the kids' room!)

Now I imagine my 35 lb child trying to break this toy and I just don't see it happening. He lacks the fine motor skill to operate a Phillips head screwdriver and lacks the size and strength the even smash the signal much less then proceed to the battery.

Must be a slow day in the AGs offices.

Just trying to get the Google toolbar to include the auto-blog icon.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

The New York Times > Education > On Education: Latino Parents Decry Bilingual Programs

Finally, recognition that bilingual education is a union-driven job.

The New York Times > Opinion > Op-Ed Columnist: The New Groupthink

I faithfully read Mr. Safire's On Language column in the Sunday magazine.
However, I don't find many of his weekly columns very interesting.

This one I do find so. Why? Because he states what I believe already and it is nice to see my opinion echoed in the NYT.

Groupthink?? The Democratic party is building a campaign on fabrications - Bush lied (although apparently the liars were the ones accusing him of lying.), Saddam had no terrosit connections, Bush knew about 9/11 beforehand and did nothing to stop it, Bush let Osama get away.

New York Post Online Edition: postopinion

Dream on. The UTF will not "cede" any previously-agreed upon benefits.

There are too many members for any effective change to take place.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Bush Again Tops Kerry on Terrorism, Poll Shows (washingtonpost.com)

A tie.

Interesting that 55% approve of the way Bush has handled the WOT but more than half believe were are losing the WOT.

Clearly, the CW that how Iraq goes, goes the election will not match what happens on the ground in Iraq.

If the majority apporve of how Bush has handled the WOT, why would the voters dump him over it?

Saturday, July 10, 2004

The New York Times > National > Florida List for Purge of Voters Proves Flawed

This will be a typical example of liberal bias.

What is focused on is the lack of Hispancis and the preponderousness of blakcs on the felon lists.

While certainly of concern, what will be overlooked is you had to be a felon to be on the list!

Thursday, July 08, 2004

The New York Times > Business > Your Money > It's the Economy, Right? Guess Again

The "gross" cost of Kerry purported 10-year healthcare plan is $950 billion. The figure reported is $650 billion.

Why? Because the most liberal (read: free-spending) member of the Senate will be able to wring $300 billion in efficiency savings from somewhere!!!

The incredulity of that defies sentience. It is a fucking Twilight Zone episode where you wake up screaming and no one can hear you!

Another little nugget. The architect of the plan says it is a four-year cost. Not ten.

Friday, July 02, 2004

WSJ.com - Do Real Men Drink Diet Cola? Pepsi and Coke Duke It Out

Exactly how does Vlane Group know what the "typical" C2 or Pepsi Edge drinker is?

I understand who they think they are makreting the colas to (and I believe they are worng and too narrowly focused) but I don't see how a profile of typicality can be established except as an outright imaginative conjugation.

Any mention of the smaller packages and higher price? That is all I needed not to try it.

WSJ.com - Do Real Men Drink Diet Cola? Pepsi and Coke Duke It Out

Redundancy seems to be the action of the times with the low-carb fad.

"Half the sugar, calories and carbohydrates"

Either is interchangeable.

New York Post Online Edition: postopinion

A scathing rebuke of the Iraqi coverage by WaPo. Is there any reason to believe other journalists do not report in exactly the same way?

Thursday, July 01, 2004

The New York Times > International > Middle East > News Analysis: Much at Stake in an Iraq Trial

This trial is certainly going to be better "entertainment" than the Laci Peterson, Kobe Bryant or Michael Jackson one.

One main difference to keep in mind is that Saddam's trial is not expected to end in a "not guilty" type verdict. The others could, and it would be accepted.

I get anxious thinking about the coverage. The meida will not be able to do anything but fall into ethnocentrically-influenced reporting. The coverage will examine the back and forth and fall into winning and losing analysis.

This will cause some Americans and foreigners to believe Saddam was gypped.

Sounds implausible? Wait.

WSJ.com - New Poll Puts Bush Down, but Not Out

So despite all these negative results, Bush is tied with Kerry.

If these poll questions on particular issues were valid, wouldn't the match-up results be consistent? Because they are not, the polling questions do not explain why?


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