Friday, December 31, 2004

Randy Johnson

I don't understand why the Yankees are so willing to bend over backwards when it is the Diamondbacks who are in the position of weakness.

The Dbacks have little choice but to trade Johnson; yet, the Yanks act as if there is another suitor out there.

The Yanks should give'm Vasquez and that's it. No prospects. No cash.

and to worsen matters, the Dbacks will likely flip Javy for even more.

Open bar for party at Putnam's public golf club

Good for the golf club.

The social pressure to not drink has permeated many municipal and county governments to the same extent antagonism towards anything Christian has.

It is this type of advocacy which disturbs me. The gains made by the various ADD groups are laudatory, but the groups have served their purpose. There are no gains left to be made.

Unfortunately, these advocates, like all advocates, have obtained a degree of power and cannot be expected to cede it.

Monday, December 27, 2004

Bush Plan Could Imperil Tax Write-Off for New York

I wonder if the federal tax deduction for state and local income taxes is included in the amount of money that NY says it overpays the gov't?

The money quotes are at the end of the article.

"New York officials also worry that the change could lead taxpayers, newly burdened with the added expense of lost deductions, to demand lower local and state taxes.

For some, that is just the point. "If you believe, as I do, that the state and local deductions encourage higher spending in states," said Bruce Bartlett, a domestic policy adviser to Ronald Reagan and a treasury official for the first President Bush, "then abolishing the deduction will help bring this spending down and will also cause people to demand lower taxation."

So the federal gov't is subsidizing the higher spending in NY. This leads me to the question above.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Administration Gives Mixed View on Drug Imports

All said, there is no way a country with 30 million people can suppoort the drug habits of one with 300 million.

What is a shame is that individuals ferreted out the discrepancies of which local politicians decided to use to purchase vast quantities. As a result, even more politicians want to take advantage of the discrepencies found by the individual.

The governement will step-in and make the amounts purchases so large as to eliminate the discrepency.

Who loses? The individuals who took advantage of the pricing discrepencies.

Nevermind how one will make the pharmaceuticals companies sell their products to Canada while the size of the orders are clearly out of proportion to the population of the country.

Inre: Naproxen

With 70 incidents, no difference between Celebrex and the placebo, and a 50% increase in the risk between naproxen and placebo, the number of incidients attributed to Celebrez and the placebo is 20 and naproxen is 30.

As this conflicts with the recent news of Celebrex increasing the risk of cardiac incidents by 240%, there is clearly something else going on.

The answer is going to be difficult to find as the increased cardiac risk precludes further studies. With the conflicting data, there could as likely be no increased risk as there is risk.

Unfortunately, obtaining participiants is going to be difficult. Imagine asking someone to volunteeer for a study to see if a drug increases the risk of having a heart attack or stroke.

Of course, the sample could be drawn from those who are already in dire straits like the Alzheimer's patients in the naproxen one, but are these individuals, taken as a group, truly representative of the healthy population?

Thursday, December 16, 2004

WSJ.com - Work & Family

Solipsism is the rule.

Why is anyone surprised the generation wholly steeped in the posioned waters of the extremists of the Left are unprepared mentally for children?

I'm fairly stunned, despite my cynicim, at the stupidity of the parents in these articles and in the ability to write this article and know the generalization is accepted "wisdom".

Social Security Reform

I know Democrats don't have much mental capability with their anit-Christian zeal consuming too much of their energy, but why can't they enter the fray and redefine the "vastly higher taxes "as only a mere 1.75% increase?

This 1.75% being the portion of the increased payroll tax paid directly by the employee. The other half would come from the employer, and quite honestly, no one cares about that portion.

There is legit concerns about raising this tax on businesses but that type of honest discussion is not a part of the potential Democrat argument.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Washington Nationals

I guess a crackhead is not the only dishonest politicans to be elcted in Washington DC.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004


I often wonder why the Left accuses Republicans of being fascists.

Here is one definition:

A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, stringent socioeconomic controls, suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism.

I do not see a "dictator" in America. Last I checked there were elections. Uninterupted ones for a couple centuries as I recall.

"Stringent socioeconomic controls" Neither do I see those. However, I can see the the Left misinterpretting the permanent existence of a economic rungs as such. What is strange is income redistributon is a form ofstringent socioeconomic controls and who is for that? The Left.

"Suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship" Certainly no terror is being used and censorship seems to be the call of those who believe anyone who actively disagrees with them is working to censor them. None of this is suppression. If the Left does not comprehend that suppression is an ongoing activity, then it is time for them to bone-up on some learnin'.

"A policy of belligerent nationalism and racism". It is here that the purveyors of Multiculturalism hang their hats. The Left, in its inherent incoherence, misinterpret others freedom of speech, expression and association as acts of suppression of their own. Nevermind that the Multiculturalists demand adherence to their own brands of political correctness or they will seek to destroy one's reputation and/or livelihood.

Maybe what is going on is a little projection? (The problem with this attribute is it is too easy to use to refute the accusation of projection. "I'm not projecting. You're projecting."

A Boy for You, a Girl for Me: Technology Allows Choice

I'm shackled by a belief in God and therefore by a sense of right and wrong, ethical and unethical. As a result, I may be too stupid not to engae in the solipsism that is on the edge of for-profit medical technology.

M.T.A. Spent $15 Million on Officers' Overtime

This overtime work is a direct result of the pension system. By allowing OT to be used in the calculation of pension payments, each officer takes advantage of this to increase the amount they will be paid in perpetuity.

The costs are compounded by another benefit - that of being able to retire after 20 years. So in combination with the higher pension payout as a result of inclusion of OT in the officers final three or so years, the officer will also be paid for many decades (Hired at 22. Retired at 42. Dies at 72. 30 years equals three decades.)

It's the Communism - December 14, 2004 - The New York Sun

The headline says it all. It is why I love the NY Sun.

What is sad is the faux-intellects who vote for Socialists are not wise enough to see it.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Birds of a Feather?

Bernie Kerik's um......unpolitically-focussed personal life will raise questions about Rudy Guiliani in light of the bath of riches they have shared since leaving public office.

I like Rudy but I admit to the possibility of being so inured to the moral relativity that life takes in NYC that I can no longer exercise good judgment when discussing Rudy.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

WSJ.com - Meet the Nidniks

Generally, I agree. I don't see how more bureaucracy will make things move more smoothly.

"Bureaucracy" and "Ex-lax" aren't synonymous.

WSJ.com - Trying to Remember New Passwords Isn't As Easy as ABC123

No kidding. There are so many passwords, and some have to be changed so often, that a sort of learned helplessness develops.

You become so inundated for original unbreakables codes that you forget them and resort to simple ones that you can remmeber without writing them down.

I'm not surprised that the techies, stereotypically deificient in people skills, would advise non-human solutions to password security.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Per Capita

A very succinct explanation of a much-bandied term.

And in the red/blue divide, it is provided by a citizen of one of the reddest states, Utah.

Most interesting is the point made about family size effecting spending habits.
Maybe the off-spring deprived may more expensive goods, not because they have better taste, but because they do not have as much responsibility.

I know this link will expire. The crux of the article is that the Bush campaign recognized national cable and radio as potential goldmines (as opposed to the Kery campaign's believe of them as land mines) of potential voters.

As I mostly watch cable, this seems self-evident to me and would seem so to everyone else. Apparently not.

One of the interesting points made was that this emphasis on national cable was mentioned as the possible cause of the late Hawaii polls showing Bush even with Kerry. This alone made the article worthy of being read.

To nitpick, the article gave data to support the "porsche-loving" portion of the headline along with the "Leno-watching" one. It did not give anything to support the "Nascar" part. Basic middle school level essay writing would have caught this omission.

I am also amused with the data that says Democrats watch more television. Assuming the elite opinion that TV is for dopes, this certainly shows who the dopes are (as if the constant losing of elections didn't!)

Thursday, December 02, 2004

WSJ.com - Red Double-Crossed Again

When I read Tuesday's NYT piece, I was struck by a couple things. The first was the phrase "tantamount to torture".

Curiousity piqued, I waited for the operational definiton of "torture", and it was......being held indefintiely because it could cause .......stress!!!

Stress!?!?!?!?!? For the love of all that is Holy! The inanity of these arbiters of "torture" strains my ability not to spew forth all sorts of profanity and intelligence assessments.

The second was confidentiality, which if it means this, was seriously breached.

The behavior of this NGO makes Frau Farbissina understandable.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Shifting Blame

Looks like The crook running the UN, Kofi Annan, has laid the groundwork to shift blame in the Oil-for-Food scandal.

The money quote:

"Mr. Annan's spokesman, Fred Eckhard, when asked recently whether the secretary-general would resign, said, "Let's not get ridiculous," adding that a resignation was "out of the question." Last night, when asked by the Sun of his response to Mr. Coleman's article, Mr. Eckhard said, "Kofi Annan has no intentions of resigning. We're awaiting the judgment of Paul Volcker, which we believe would make clear which are the responsibilities of U.N. staff versus those of the members of the Security Council when it comes to oil-for-food."

I am trying to keep my mind open but I am having a harder and harder time understanding why the UN should be in America.

The best I have is to make it easier for us to spy on our enemies.

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