Sunday, February 22, 2004

Bush is a liar. I hear it so much. When I turn on the television or open a newspaper, I am shocked to see his pants aren’t on fire.

Did Bush lie about Saddam Hussein’s WMD? No. Using intelligence provided by the CIA and the U.N. (where do you think those estimates of WMD came from?) to make a decision does not make the President a liar. Citing sources within the intelligence community, unnamed of course, that says the intelligence was more caveated does not provide proof of a lie. (BTW, where are those unnamed U.N. sources?)

Because the WMD reported by these sources has not been located does not mean the POTUS lied. Sorry, Democrats. I know you want to be in POWER again, but the biggest lie being told is the one that the President of the Untied States, George W. Bush, lied.

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