Sunday, February 22, 2004

Gay marriage (remember civil unions?), affirmative action, gun restrictions, abortion rights.

All are within the pantheon (if they are god-like, shouldn't I have capitalized all of them?) of the poliitcal Left.

The current god of the day is gay marriage. Thanks to the newly elected mayor of San Francisco (is anything gay ever not current in SF?), gay marriage is being forced upon this news cycle. The mayor has dediced, under his interpretation of the California constitution, that gay marriage must be allowed despite legislation stating marriage is between a man and a woman.

Not withstanding the intrepretative powers of the judiciary or my own personal believes about civil unions or whether Mayor Newsom will be forgiven his disregarding of the law he swore to uphold, what I find most titillating is the Pandora's box that could be opened if the ideologues supporting the ends continue to argue that the interpretation, usurped from the judiciary, of constitutional law can be used by mayors.

Take gun restriction. The 2nd amendment of the US Contstitution grants the right to bear arms. Should we all go out and get guns?

Take campaign finance reform. The 1st amendment grants the freedom of speech. Should this CFR law be ignored, despite Solicitor General Olsen's defense of it? (Maybe some ideologues should note the Bush Administration's defense of the CFR despite personal beliefs of its unconstitutionalism.)

How about affirmative action? Should these laws be ignored because they discriminate against one class of people in favor of another?

How about abortion rights? If someone decides life begins at conception, isn't it OK to kill abortion doctors and use the Hitler defense to justify it? (I know it has already been done.)

Taken together, maybe this explains why the Left cannot put forth a coherent ideology. It is not because the other side is stupid, an appellation of the Right used by the Left because it cannot put forth a consistent ideology.

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