Thursday, February 05, 2004

How could a nation come to believe government propaganda? It is not as hard as one may believe.

HoDo just announced he's out if he doesn't win Wisconsin on the 17th, he's out. ((Two months from front runner to out of the race? Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! I wonder what "win" means and "out". I don't want to assume they mean "come in first" and "no longer running")) (Double parenthetical rule!)

I believe I am being fair when I state that most politicos thought HoDo would be the nominee. Now everyone believes the Senator from Massachusetts who is not a besotted sop of the Left (he can still be a sop for the Left though) is the likely nominee.

And here is where I make like a pencil and come to a point (George Constanza-esque?). The recent spat of polls has Kerry leading 43 in all of them even one in which 99% the pollees have chosen (only 1% DNK? Sounds like grounds for poor polling technique, but that is for another day.)

I can see 43 as well-known, but Kerry? Only 1% fall into a DNK category? The plausible explanation is those polled only know Kerry, and have made their decision, based upon the flooding the zone coverage of the Democratic preaching-to-the-choir primaries.

I hope I've led the horse close enough to the water that the horse will know to drink.

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