Wednesday, February 18, 2004

I'm still holding out hope that John Edwards will be the Democratic nominee for POTUS this fall. Not because I want to vote for him, but because I predicted he'd get the nomination, and I'd prefer being right than winning some short term ideological battle (of which I cannot directly influence regardless).

What Edwards needs to to have HoDo get out. As long as he is there the War-Criminals-Turned-Band-of-Brothers John Kerry will be able to win each primary due to "electability" and a splitting of the not-Kerry vote. The AB form (Anyone But) is not really appropriate when designating preferneces amongst the choir.

"Electibility may turn its attention to Edwards now that a poll (Rassmussen) shows Bush ahead again. Nothing turns the mindless herd like a POLL! And if HoDo drops, then the next Democratic debate may be more informative than the prior debates of undifferentiation.

We can see which one wants to raise taxes more and how they intend to create jobs (Since the POTUS does not actually create jobs other than by expanding their own staffs, it would be interesting to see what fiscal policies would be put forth to set the stage for future job creation.). What we won't find out is why both Senators voted for the War in Iraq and then voted to cut off the funding of it.

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