Monday, February 09, 2004

I've read the transcript of yesterday's MTP. My first impressions were that the transcript itself was very short (Probably the most original take on the interview.) Generally, I read the transcripts because 10:30 AM on Sunday's is occupied by one of two things - church or kids. As an added benefit, I can cut out those whose impressiveness comes from a glibness of tongue or those whose impressiveness would be dimished by a lack of one.

What remains is the Q&A. (And for what it is worth, Tim Russert does make multiple attempts to get an answer to a question he has asked. It is not Bill O'Reilly who somehow invented the tactic.)

And what there is of the interview does not move my opinion or understanding of the current debate over Iraq.

What might do so would be a more intelligent framing of the issue.

Let's call it The Blue Dress Fugue. Back in the late '90s, a certain POTUS was in the midst of making a young woman into a crazy. He had his wife and staff out front making the case that this young woman was a loonie (see 60 Minutes and the famous Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.) Whilst the Democrats led that partisan argument, many supporters believed it to be true until.....The Blue Dress!

At this point, none of the supporters could recall (see "fugue state") ever espousing that the young woman was unbelievable. Now it became a discussion over blow jobs being "sex" or not. (Tell that one to your spouse!)

I see the Iraq situation very similarly. Prior to the war, world and political opinion was overwhelming. (I know, world opinion used to hold that the world was flat.) Saddam had WMD, wanted more, and will bide his time and go to any means necessary to obtain them.

Only now, the anti-Bushies (who by the way would oppose puppies and candy if Bush was for them), anti-Americans (think they'll love a President Kerry anymore if he didn't succumb to their national interests and peculiar secularism?) and the anti-capitalists (Tell those disaffected ungrateful Whiteys that opposing capiltalism will not make right the fact that their mommies and daddies didn't buy them the Beamer for their 16th birthday.) have now been afflicted with Blue Dress Fugue.

They have become so psychologically traumatized that they actually believe anyone who remembers world opinion pre-March 19, 2003, is lying.

Only people afflicted with Blue Dress Fugue could so easily forget the basis on which the GWII was argued.

When this is addressed (and those pseudo-intellectuals should be giddy with this angle), I'll become more easily influenced by any future discussions on WMD.

Or when they are found. (The only cure for Blue Dress Fugue.)

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