Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Can We Spare a Dime?

After months and months of unanswered charges during the Democratic primaries, and the subsequent news reporting of those attacks, the Bush Administration found itself trailing in almost every poll (see http://www.pollingreport.com/wh04gen.htm). The CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll had Senator John Kerry leading President George W. Bush 52% to 44%.

Adding to the negative cloud hovering over the electoral prospects of the current Administration was a prescription drug bill that was lauded only by the Administration. Fiscal conservatives believed it increased the already-unbearable future liabilities to the Baby Boomers, Democrats and their special interest groups framed it as a sop to the HMOS (those same HMOS that were integral to Hillarycare) and pharmaceutical companies. WMDs had yet to be found in Iraq. Accusations that the Administration lied about Iraq were thick on the airwaves. American troops were still subject to terrorist attacks in post-Saddam Iraq. The rich were derided as not paying enough in taxes. So on and so forth. (Hey! This sounds as if only one-side of the political discussion was being presented.)

Once Senator Kerry wrapped up the Democratic nominee for President (based on his electability. After all, he did win an election and was therefore electable.), the Bush Administration began running ads pointing to the negative aspects of Senator Kerry voting record. (This could have come out in the primaries but the lunatics who vote in primaries were only interested in hearing who could hate Bush more.)

Immediately, the media proclaimed the campaign was going negative earlier than ever with the Bush attack ads. Never mind the hate-Bush love fests the Democrats were having in the run-up to their primaries.

Something that had bothered me amidst all the pro-Democrat coverage of the primaries was the glaring inconsistency of Senator Kerry voting for GWII then against the funding of the same war he voted for. Well, I’m no more intellectually challenged than the politicos who run these campaigns. The Administration began running this exact ad.

Of course, it was now a Bush attack ad (Whether it is true or not seems irrelevant) Uncowingly, the Administration updated the same ad with Senator Kerry’s intellectually superior explanation of his vote. He said he voted for the funding before voting against it. If this is the intellectual high ground, no wonder the liberal elite only inhabits it.

And apparently voters don’t want to be there either. The almost every poll has Bush ahead of Kerry. But due to the 9/11 hearings this is no longer headline news. Tough break for Republicans but maybe some of the 9/11 myths can be disposed of over the next week or two. What will the Dems have left to run on?

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