Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Nation?s Direction Prompts Voters? Concern, Poll Finds

From this morning’s The New York Times:

“…Even (italics added) after two weeks in which Mr. Bush has run televised advertisements promoting himself and attacking Mr. Kerry, and in which Mr. Kerry has enjoyed the glow of favorable coverage that greeted his near-sweep of Democratic primaries…”

I find it disheartening that pollees are still not seeing the current Democratic nominee for President, Senator John F. Kerry, for the loser I think he will be.

The issue that bothers me most about Senator Kerry is his vote on the Iraq War (or more positively spun, the liberation of 23 million people from oppression.). In the lead-up to the November 2002 elections, he voted for the resolution for war. At the time the President was riding high in the polls

In the lead-up to the Democratic primaries in October 2003, Senator Kerry voted against funding the Iraqi reconstruction. (Democrats voting against Reconstruction? Who’d a thunk?)

At the time of his anti-funding vote (which is only bad because he wasn’t voting against funding for the arts or abortion clinics, um, I mean, Planned Parenthood.), the former governor of the state that sells its junk to out-of-staters as “antiques” was leading all the polls for the Democratic nomination for the chance to lose to 43 in November 2004. His fervent support coalesced around a rabid opposition to the liberation of 23 mil-, I mean, the Iraq War.

In October 2003, the junior Senator from Massachussets was not only trailing the former governor of the state that sells its junk to out-of-staters as “antiques”, he was trailing Gen. Wesley Clark.

The questions I can not seem to resolve is which of Senator Kerry’s votes was the opportunistic one and why aren’t other people asking the same thing?

Oh, hold on, there was that ellipsis at the beginning of the piece. Let’s see what the remainder of The New York Times quote said.

“… the two men are effectively tied, with 46 percent of voters saying they supported Mr. Bush and 43 percent backing Mr. Kerry.”

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