Monday, March 15, 2004

New Spanish Prime Minister Pledges to Withdraw Troops

Looks like the bully may have found a new way to take your lunch money.

Al Qeada is taking credit for the Madrid train explosions that killed 200 last Thursday in the run-up to Spains Sunday elections.

The press is reporting this event as the one that precipitated the loss of U.S. ally Jose Maria Aznar's Polpular Party. (Never mind a country that would elect a Socialist Party, but that is for another day.)

Upon election, the Socialist leader, Jose Luis Rodriguez, has announced he is pulling Spain's 1300 troops from Iraq on June 30.

It will not only be the supporters of Sr. Rodriguez who the AP can describe as "jubilant". Al Qaeda and any other terrorist factions can also gleefully rub their hands together.

The message is they can kill innocent people in the final days of the election and get their foes voted out of office. (Are John Kerry's unnamed foreign leaders thrilled with the loss of a Bush ally?)

Who said this year's October surprise will be the capture of Osama Bin Laden? It will be the death of tens upon score upon hundreds of innocent Americans.

We'll wish for the days of drunk driving convictions.

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