Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Schools, Facing Tight Budgets, Leave Gifted Programs Behind

There are 34,570,000 people below the poverty line. If we gave each one $10,000 every year, it would cost $3,457,000,000 each year.

$3.4 trillion dollars. The federal budget is $2.2 trillion. I think the idea of the gov't getting people out of poverty wouldonly put everyone into poverty.

In the Times article, gifted programs (that is programs for children considered gifted not programs funded by benevalent donors) are being cut.

The blame is being placed at the feet of NCLB. Seems to be a bogeyman.

The blame has to be placed at the feet of the system itself. As the poverty example shows, when you have to do something for everyone, it will take a tremendous amount of funding to make everyone equally happy. The reality is making the majority happy.

And the gifted student is left to his or her own initiative to explore.

But can he or she when we are delegating our child's entire education to the education system which can not possibly do it?

But, hey, if the education system can offer up claims of being able to do so, we'll feed it more cash.

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