Thursday, March 25, 2004

What is 4 ounces?

It is a half a cup. The question is whether half a cup is half empty or half full. I am of the opinion that most arguments center on one side or the other of the half-empty/half-full discussion.

Each side vehemently holds its position to be true, and if their position is true, then in the zero-sum world in which we debate, the other must be false. But the “false” side of the position believes it is true, and if their position is true, then the other must be false.

Given each person believes he or she has arrived at his or her position after careful consideration, if another person argues otherwise, then that person must be wrong and, by extension, implies your position is wrong. (No! The beer glass is half-empty! I poured four ounces down the toilet trying to get your chicken wing backwash out of the glass.) Once our intellect is questioned, the line in the sand has been drawn, and then things can get nasty.

Never mind that neither side is wrong, once the line is drawn something nasty will come out and then we are really insulting each other. (Just like you should have flushed your head down the toilet with the beer!)

Double never mind that if this site were called “A Gill”, it’d still have the same rationale.

We hope you enjoy our points-of-view and tell others about it.

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