Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Glory Days

Vietnam is back! After three decades or so, the power elite in the media and their younger disciples, who were suckled and mentored on the past glories of the Vietnam era, gets to relive those glory days. If it isn’t the elites’ ability to avoid service during the war, it is the anti-war protests of the war. This is being played out on the campaign trail where, the Kerry campaign and the mass media use John Kerry’s service as a political weapon to attack the President and Vice President while simultaneously being used as an aegis to protect the presumptive Democratic nominee from serious questions about his actions after the war and the groups he supported.

While The President’s service in the National Guard is fair game, the actions of the presumptive nominee, while occurring at the same time, are not.

Where Walter Cronkite declared the war lost, Ted Koppel decided to reach for that same glory and read the names of our brave servicemen who gave their lives to protect us from the forces of terror.

And now, Seymour Hersch is back. After exposing My Lai, he is back to exposing military malfeasance. Not Saddam Hussein’s actions but U.S. military torture. Not the kind suffered by Daniel Pearl, the reporter who was kidnapped by terrorists and had his head cut-off, nor the kind suffered by Italian security officer, Fabrizio Quattrocchi, who defied his Iraqi captors and was shot in the head. No, this type of torture, as splashed across the website of Mr. Hirsch’s employer, would be more aptly described as “humiliation”. Iraqi men are naked and posed in compromising positions. If I had the pornography filter on, I would not have been able to few the photos being used as validation of U.S. atrocity by the domestic anti-war relics, the international community, and the Middle East.

Oh, yes, the glory days are back. Can’t wait for the revilement of our military to begin.

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