Friday, June 25, 2004

Cheney Dismisses Critic With Obscenity (washingtonpost.com)

I like Cheney more. A lot of those anti-Bush, pro-Europena Democratic elitist should be told a lot worse than that.

"Senator Kennedy, ever flee the scene and have someone die?"

"Senator Kerry, how many war crimes, and which ones and in great detail, did you commit back in Vietnam?"

"Senator Leahy, In addition to fucking yourself, how stupid do you feel about leaving all you memos regarding judicial strategy on a shared computer? And by the way, isn't it easy to be a champion of minorities when the state you represent doesn't have any?"

"Congreesswoman Murray, have you received the OK to send your children to Osama Bin Laden's DayCare Center yet? And by the way, are you the stupidest fuck on the West Coast?"

"Congressman McDermott, what is in the water in Washington? How many people did you think you've help kill by shilling for Saddam Hussein, you fat fuck?"

"Congressman Waxman, did you ever fulfill your fantasy of fucking President Clinton in the ass? God you couldn't be more gay for him, you coke-cottle glasses mole!"

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