Monday, June 21, 2004

The New York Times > Health > In New Tests for Fetal Defects, Agonizing Choices

Happy Father's Day from The New York Times! On a day when we celebrate fathers, NYT runs an article on selective abortion.

I know it is about pre-natal screening for genetic defects, but the entire article uses that premise to illustrate parents-to-be decision whether to have an abortion if their child is not perfect.

Normally, I would leave this discussion untouched upon, but I was disgusted to see the picture of Kate Hoffman, 7 months pregnant or so, gracing the front page. See she decided that child number 4 who would have been born with Down's Syndrome was not worth carrying so she aborted it.

If I keep my lip curled any longer it may freeze like that! Shameful, but in a society where being pro-abortion is the easy position, I am not surprised this action is not disdained.

Why? Because the article goes also introduces a woman who became pregnant with her 4th girl and aborted it because she wanted a boy. An Upper East Sider, of course!

What about the doctor? Well, he performed the abortion because it is not his place to do anything. What kind of person chooses to be that amoral?

Or the 35-year-old psychologist who is infuriated that someone would even suggest that she not terminate a Down's Syndrome child?

Unbelievable. Me! Me! Me!

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