Monday, July 19, 2004

A more detailed look at Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney's case against Kerry:

Senator Kerry has been my senator in Massachusetts for almost 20 years. I don't know what he stands for. His conflicted positions have been well documented as have his tortured explanations of them. I believe they flow from conflicts of interest that he has difficulty reconciling.
He wants to make medicine more affordable for all, but he can't rein in malpractice windfalls for trial lawyers, who support him. He wants better education, but he can't take on the education unions. He wants to make government more effective and slimmer, but he can't take on the public unions. He says he opposes gay marriage, but he votes against the Defense of Marriage Act. He votes for free trade and NAFTA, but he decries it in an election year.

He argues for better intelligence in the homeland, but attacks our most effective tool for intelligence, the Patriot Act. He's quick to point out the obvious flaws in the Iraq military campaign, but slow to tell us what he would do from here, for he wishes to appease as long as possible both those in his party who want to walk away and those in his party who want to finish the job correctly. In my view, John Kerry is simply too conflicted to be president of the United States. There are too many special interests.

President Bush makes decisions which flow from his love and belief that he should do everything in his power to make America a great land and to serve the American people. I believe that in the end the American people will make the right choice.

This was posted in The Corner's Kerry Spot. I reproduce it here for two reasons. First, I wanted to preserve it in a more easily accesible form for my own reference, and second, because it may be the single best expression of why Kerry should not be President. Note there is nothing personal in it.

The most shicking thing is this was said by a politician. My respect for Romney has increased from what was a generally negative view due to his 2nd home in Utah and the machinations involved with claiming he was eligible to run for MA governorship to a now earned respect for this summation.

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