Thursday, July 22, 2004

Say Anything

Ambassador Joseph Wilson IV provided the foundation of the “Bush lies!” rhetoric of the American Left with his refutation of the 16 words in the President’s 2003 SOTU address. He claimed that he personally investigated the claims that Saddam Hussein’s Iraq sought to acquire uranium yellowcake from Niger and proved them to be unfounded.

Ambassador Wilson also attacked the Bush Administration for breaking the law by exposing his wife, a former undercover operative at the CIA, in an effort to discredit his verbal findings (verbal because he did not submit a written report) regarding the yellowcake issue. The journalist to whom this information was leaked by administration officials stands by the assertion that nepotism was involved in the Ambassador selection to investigate. He adamantly stated that she was not!

The anti-Bush/Anti-American Left (pick one) incorporated both these points into its rhetoric, and spread it throughout the media (3 appearances on Meet The Press, numerous op-eds in the major newspapers, endless blather on cable television).

Last week, the Senate Intelligences Committee release its assessment of the intelligences leading up to the Iraq War and found nothing Ambassador “Joe Lies!” Wilson said to be true (The Brits also came to the same conclusion). The conclusions were not a four-ounce interpretation. The conclusions directly contradicted the Ambassador “Joe Lies!”. He said he refuted the 16 words. The Committee says he bolstered the claim. He said his wife did not have any thing to do with the decision to send him. The Committee found she recommended him.

He lied. As with the claims of “sexing up” WMDs, it is not the Administration that lied but the ones accusing him of lying who proved to be the liars.

This week former Clinton national Security Advisor Sandy Berger was exposed for stealing documents from the National Archives. He “inadvertently” put them in his briefcase and stuffed his notes down his pants. (Whether he stuffed these in his socks is still a matter of he said/she said. The guards say he did. The epitome of honesty, his lawyer, said he didn’t.))

One may argue with my use of the word “stealing” to characterize Mr. Berger’s actions, but ask yourself, if you went to the library and put a book in your bag and walked out, what would you have done? Or if you put said book in your drawers and left?

The use of such common sensical explanations is necessary as the Clinton Spinmeisters are out in force – Lanny Davis, Joe Lockheart, and the Big Spin Daddy himself, Bill Clinton. Amongst their diversionary explanations are the classic, He Did So much Good So What If He Did Something A Little Bad. Another is the standard Republicans Leaked It to Distract From Bad News for the Prez or Bush Is Distracting from Our Nominating LoveFest.

The most novel one is the Uncle Billy Defense which is named in honor of dear Uncle Billy from It’s a Wonderful Life who, in his Christmas (Aaaaaah! The C-word!) joy inadvertently leaves the mortgage payment to the good ol’ Savings and Loan in a pile of papers while filling out a deposit slip. Oops, says the former President, Sandy is just so disorganized. (Sidebar: Why was he the head of National Security if he was so disorganized….)

Anyhow, what has unfolded is a situation where the Anti-American Left has been continually exposed as subversives, and the Democrats have been exposed as “useful idiots” to quote their hero, Vladimir Lenin. This is followed-up by the law breaking of one of the highest-ranking officials in the Clinton Administration.

The shades of Watergate and McCarthy are arising to wreck their vengeance on the lying anti-Bush/Anti-American Left and the Democrats who have hitched their wagon to it.

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