Friday, July 16, 2004

'Spidey' toy meets its match

Let me get this straight. A battery which contians mercury is included in this toy. As a result, AGs determine it must be removed for the safety of the children.

As a parent with 5 of these items (we eat a lot of cereal and Kellogs in particular), I am naturally alarmed, but a little thought helps quell my irrationality.

First, these slings have a screw battery lid so the kids would need to use a screwdriver to get tot he battery. At that point, the kid would need to smash the battery open.

I have a fague recollection of trying to do this with other batteries by throwing them against a brickwall and never recall ever getting one open. Now these types of apparently indestructible batteries were of the C type not the little button kind I presume to exist in the Spidey shooter (which by the way is an incredibly cool toy to be in a cereal box. it really works great in the dark of the kids' room!)

Now I imagine my 35 lb child trying to break this toy and I just don't see it happening. He lacks the fine motor skill to operate a Phillips head screwdriver and lacks the size and strength the even smash the signal much less then proceed to the battery.

Must be a slow day in the AGs offices.

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