Friday, August 20, 2004

Disparage Freedom - Good! Disparage Kerry - Unconsciousable!

Op-ed #3 in the past ten days or so (I'd say "week" but some parsing idiot may say, "It's 8 days! You are not credible! Liar!") which lays the groundwork for the Bush Administration (Jeb or GW. Pick one.) to steal the election via Jim Crow tactics.

Nevermind that no one has sued anyone over alledged 2000 intimidation. Never mind the voter fraud via dead people voting would necessarily mean checking on old people. All inconsequential is the perpetuation of myths which justify demagoguery.

Shifty-eyed Krugman and the original paean to skin color being the most important qualification to work, Bob Herbert, have gotten on the wagon.

What seems implausible is the mock indignation being expressed by the media (Chris Matthews comes foremost to my mind) over the questioning of Kerry's Vietnam story while the the most influential daily beats the drums for election theft via voter intimidation!

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