Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Experts in Econimcs Are Not Experts in Other Disciplines

So Shifty Eyes (a moniker earned from his appearances on talk shows where he constantly refuses to look anyone in the eye as he relates his "facts") claims the reason for the nastiness that has arisen over the last 10 days is due to Bush not having anything to run on.

Let's dismiss this with a simple observation. Vietnam Veterans (VV) attack John Kerry, the besmircher of their service, and this is because GWB has nothing to run on?

I believe the nastiness is due, not to GWB, but to a couple of generations of Democrats who have been indoctrinated in the American history of Vietnam, as written by the winners of that conflict - the Left and its American culture destroying Power to the People-ism.

Now that thier indoctrination is being examined and shown to be based on lies and half-truths (non-Vietnam Vets claiming to be such in VVAW - JFk this is still coming!- VC being influenced by USSR, Pol Pot), their world is being turned upside down. It is this removal of ideological blinders that is causing the hysteria of the LEft.

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