Thursday, August 12, 2004

The New York Times > Washington > Campaign 2004 > Leveraging Sept. 11, Giuliani Raises Forceful Voice for Bush

Off the top, the New York Times is a gay paper. No doubt at all. It carries the gay agenda. Proof? last week, it ran a big article on A3 about transsexuals in Iran. Transsexuals in Iran? With limited papges for reporting international events, this was chosen? is there nothing more pressing in Iran that freakin' transsexuals?

Also, a sports column about trannies competing in the Olympics. Which Twilight Zone episode am I in?

So with groundwork laid (also see article on www.4ounces.com about the gay marriage headlines in the Times), I can address the above-linked piece.

In it, the times feels the need to point out, twice, that Republicans would not vote for Rudy in national election because he stayed with a gay couple during his divorce.

The easy to draw implication is that Republicans do not like gay people.

Unfortunately, the Times can't see straight through their gay-colored glasses. How about the particulars leading-up to his divorce? The mistress on the side? McFly? McFly?

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