Friday, August 20, 2004

The New York Times: Drinking the Kerry Kool-Aid, Too?

First, at least the POR recognizes that Vietnam is a pillar of Kerry's campaign.

But to refute the claims by blaming Bush seems to be an example of kicking th edog after a bad day at work.

The insinuation the POR makes is that because Bush is from Texas and John Oneill is from Texas that makes the charges libelous. The connections are natural given Republicans politics in Texas. Just as I'd expect incestuous connections in party politics at high levels of every state.

And undermining this premise further is the fact that Bush needed to know beforehand that Kerry would run for POTUS in 2004. Otherwise, the connections mean squat.

A fortuitous confluence is all.

Seems this will boil down to Kerry's reconciliation of war hero vs anti-war activist as memories are disputed and CYAP becomes the Third Tablet.

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