Friday, August 27, 2004

Newsday.com: Bush Leads Kerry in 3 Key States

This month the dynamics of the election have changed from Kerry leading across the board to Bush doing so (qualified by the ubiquitous disclaimer, “within the margin of error”.)

As Republicans wondered why the Bush Administration did not answer the scurrilous charges through the months leading towards the Democrat nomination, I theorized that the Bush campaign was running a “whites-of-their-eyes” strategy which has lead them to wait until the last minute to fight back.

This theory was seeded by the ease with which Kerry’s lead in the polls following the primaries was vanquished. He was up 52-44 in early March, and after a couple weeks of pushback, Bush had flipped that to his favor, 51-47.

While news of Fallujah, Abu Ghraib and the build-up to the Democratic Convention dominated the news coverage, Bush did not answer the political yipping of the Kerry campaign. Frustrated, Republicans began to cast a pall over their November election hopes.

August came, and two ads by fellow Vietnam veterans erased the Senator’s leads. The Bush campaign’s strategy was justified.

The secret behind the strategy is this - insuring Kerry’s nomination. If Bush’s campaign had answered the political bombs thrown at him prior to the nomination, Democrats would have seen how weak a candidate Kerry was and could have chosen a stronger one. Instead, the Bushies lulled the Democrats into a sense of false arrogance, and proved, again, that an Administration venomously characterized as stupid has proven its adversaries to be more so. Polls don’t lie!

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