Saturday, September 18, 2004

The Corner on National Review Online

Not gonna comment on The Corner. Just a great link for all occasions.

I've stewed on the recent Rather/Blair Collaboration. NYT runs it as its main piece in today's edition. There was no change in the wording from last night's electronic edition, at least as it pertains to the quotes in my previous post.

What is slightly different is the paper provides three pie charts on the front page. Two of them cover the TANG/Vietnam experience with the "is mostly telling the truth but is hiding something" Likert option.

This is plain sloppiness. The article does not support the pie chart.

And let's address another poor technique in these questions. "entire" is a fully-loaded word. Does anyone believe anyone tells the entire truth on anything? I may be conservative and prone to simple explanations, but even I understand that type of absolute is hard to apply to any event.

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