Thursday, October 07, 2004

Eagle-Eyed Hindsight

Off the top, no matter how rational any suggestion is (and my post's title says it all), this will redound to Bush's detriment.

The findings uphold Iraq's prewar insistence that it did not possess chemical or biological weapons. They also show the enormous distance between the Bush administration's own prewar assertions

Unfortunately, this was also the Clinton Administration's assertion. And the international opinion.

The report said American investigators had found clandestine laboratories in the Baghdad area used by the Iraqi Intelligence Service between 1991 and 2003 to conduct research and to test various chemicals and poisons, including ricin.

Iraqi Intelligence Service maintained small labs for biological weapons productiona and this is not considered an active program?

Mr. Duelfer said he had concluded that between 1991 and 2003, Mr. Hussein had in effect sacrificed Iraq's illicit weapons to the larger goal of winning an end to United Nations sanctions. But he also argued that Mr. Hussein had used the period to try to exploit avenues opened by the sanctions, especially the oil-for-food program, to lay the groundwork for a plan to resume weapons production if sanctions were lifted.

Can you say Oil-for-Food bribery and kickbacks?

Even if Iraq had sought to restart its weapons programs in 2003, the report said, it could not have produced militarily significant quantities of chemical weapons for at least a year, and it would have required years to produce a nuclear weapon.

A Year is not a long time esp when the sanctions would have had to have been lifted after concluding Saddam did not have WMD. So while we fiddled and libs hid behind the cloak of no WMD, Saddam would have been restocking his WMD.

Can this be acceptable?

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