Sunday, October 10, 2004

George Will: Why America Leans Right

Coincidently, I just finished reading The Right Nation by Mickelthwait and Woolridge.

Will's synopsis stunk. (I'd have thought he'd be better as he occupies the preeminent conservative position in one ot the most influential dailies.)

Here's mine:

God and leave me alone. Either separately or in combination, this explains the conservative nature of our country. Our technological edge also derives from this as we don't look kindly on the gov't taking our money via taxes or impeding development via regulation.

Europe is the opposite. God is marginalized and the Nanny State takes care of everything. (Or purports to be capable of doing so.)

And just like military strength, Europe's excessive regulatory and tax policies will cause it to lag technologically. And to make it worse, the rest of Western nations are getting old fast. And what do old people do? Vote and vote for more free stuff.

M & G also acknowledge this.

What no one acknowledges is the Democrats want to be Eurpoean!

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