Friday, November 12, 2004

AARP Opposes Bush Plan to Replace Social Security With Private Accounts

I would have linked this within the earlier post on SS privatization, but as I no longer read the NYT first thing in the AM, I didn't see the article until a few minutes ago.

The AARP, an advocacy group, is against privatization, and therefore can be termed an anti-privatization advocacy group.

Within the same article, the fact that the AARP stood behind the expansion of Medicare for prescription drug benefits provides support for a flippant remark I made that the eldery love their free stuff.

I couldn't pass-up this softball:

"One message, by an editor of an AARP magazine, says, "There is a new forbidden word at AARP: Social (1) Security (2) privatization (3).'' (Parentheticals are mine. As is the bold-face type.)

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