Thursday, November 25, 2004

Dutch Try to Thwart Terror Without Being Overzealous

To be overzealous is to presuppose being zealous, isn't it?

Some money quotes:

"how to arrest suspected militants before they act, without trampling on individual rights or risking charges of discrimination." (multiculturalism at its best!)

"The government of the Netherlands has come under criticism for missing Mr. Bouyeri when Islamist death threats were made against Mr. van Gogh. But stopping him would have meant assessing guilt before the crime..." (If only we can get the police to intercede right before the knife is plunged into the body. European prevention!)

"But intelligence officials were more interested in a high school student named Samir Azzouz... apparently trying to make his way to Chechnya...He was sent back to Amsterdam, where social workers and schoolteachers tried unsuccessfully to coach him through his final exams." (Oh. My. God. This is the most pathetic example of protecting self-esteem through willful ignorance. Who the fuck is responsible for putting this type of meme into the culture???)

"The Dutch authorities found bomb ingredients in Mr. Azzouz's possession and remain convinced that a plot was taking shape. But Mr. Azzouz and the others arrested in the case were released within 10 days for lack of evidence." (Lack of evidence?)

"But the tougher laws inevitably lean more on Muslims than on the population as a whole, exacerbating tensions that are already polarizing many European societies." (This is surprising to the Ken and BArbie non-gonadals of the Left. The terrorists are Muslims!)

""The deterioration of community relations may actually undermine counterterrorism measures, because it reduces the willingness of people in these communities to cooperate with police and intelligence services," said Benjamin Ward, a lawyer for Human Rights Watch" (As long as no one is ever offended or made to feel uncomfortable, the worold is better off!)

"But despite intelligence reports noting Mr. Bouyeri's rapid radicalization... Mr. Bouyeri still did not rise to the level of an imminent threat...Mr. Azzouz and others were of greater concern. When Mr. Azzouz was detained in June on suspicion of armed robbery, the police found photos, maps and other materials in his apartment that led them to believe that he was planning a terrorist attack on government installations, including the country's nuclear power plant and its largest airport." (More "lack of evidence" but at least the revenue-devourers tried to make sure he passed his high school exams!)

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