Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Excepts from Mr. Steyn's National Reveiw column:

"The day after the election, I found myself behind a Vermont granolamobile bearing the sticker Bush Scares Me.... When fear's a bumper sticker, you're probably safe.

...A lot of Democrats seem to have succeeded in genuinely terrifying themselves. "Dejected Voters Find Themselves In An Even Bluer State," ran a Los Angeles Times headline — in its Health section: "'People are in absolute post-traumatic stress and total despair and pretty much believe American society is permanently destroyed,' says Renana Brooks, a Washington, D.C., clinical psychologist whose practice was flooded with calls on Wednesday morning . . . It looks to me like a worse trauma than 9/11." According to the San Francisco Chronicle in its post-Election Day roundup, "Of the eight patients San Francisco psychotherapist Frances Verrinder saw Wednesday, seven were upset and frightened to the point of tears . . .

...Sophisticated liberals aren't meant to be impressionable, of course. That's for us rube-hick-hayseed types warned by our preacherman to follow the Lord Bush or burn in Hell with the fornicators and sodomites and multilateralists. But you can't help noticing that, for all the Jane Smileys, Bill Mahers, and Maureen Dowds scoffing at Jesus-freak Republicans as fearful, superstitious, closed-minded simpletons, it's their side that's carrying on like a millennial suicide cult....

Okay, you sold me, gimme the sticker: Bush Scares Me, Too. He scares me because he came within two points — or, as they say on the cable shows, 136,000 votes in Ohio — of handing over the country to this crowd....Bush missed an opportunity three years ago. Back in the days of his 80 percent approval ratings, when the embers at Ground Zero were still smoking, the president could have made a big effort to shift the culture of the country away from the stunted emotional narcissism of modern liberalism...."

So does this sound like the kind of thing the NYT would allow amongst the leading Lefty crazies of its op-ed page? Dan Okrent hasn't made any friends as Public Editor and he's an avowed Democrat!

I'll segue from the "emotional narcissism of modern liberalism" into a commentary on the 56-year-old who had twins with no father in the picture. As a New Yorker, what I find disturbing is the generally positive coverage this woman has received. What about the likelihood of this children having their only parent die on them? Are teenagers capable of the wisdom necessary to be grateful for life or will they live in fear that there parent will die young?

Nevermind losing out on the physical relationship that will be lost. Who's going to play outside with the kids? Rake the leaves? Ride with them on their bikes? Throw the ball with them? Swing the bat? Play in the dirt?

What is more disturbing is this woman's selfishness is socially accepted, and it is here that the loss of moral values is most starkly illustrated.

The kicker quote: "When I look into my children's eyes, I feel such love, gratitude and appreciation for having been given these miraculous gifts," St. James said after her birth.

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