Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Living Poor, Voting Rich

(Should I check his sources? Calling Joe Wilson!) Snarkiness aside, this argument that Americans don't vote for their best interests is a pillar of dissonance-soothing amongst the Left.

If the Left were to recognize that their intellectual pining for redistributive utpoia has failed in the guise of Communism or as a non-growth/economic contracting Socialism, then they'd fly off the handle like Lawrence O'Donnell did to the Swift Boat Vets as the pillar of his being was rocked! ( The Left is determined that their misconflation of black civil rights and Vietnam protesting was noble.)

As one of those whom the Democrats claim to be advancing for my own good, I can tell you right off the top that the party's affinity for positive discrimintion does nothing for me. I grew-up working class and un-networked. What do I get from the Democrats? A compettive disadvantage against those of similar socio-econimc background.

Enough said.

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