Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Safire's NYT Replacement

I'd go with Jonah Goldberg over Mark Steyn because Steyn is too much of a bomb-thrower in the mold of Anne Coulter.

I would also express no shock if Safire's column was not replaced by another conservative.

See, the only time quota's must be refilled is when it is a liberal member of the Multiculturalists.

The Times would be playing with fire if they got Steyn. Plus, he once said he'd never write for them.

I think Goldberg would be great there.
While we agree Mark Steyn would not be hired at the NYT, and from what you've said, he's already stated he would not accept regardless.

However, I would prefer them to hire a conservative who is consistently on the right. None of these David Brooks forays off into socicological constructs of "exurbia."

As Krugman, Herbert and Dowd never leave the ideological hyperpartisan plantation, the conservatives shouldn't either. For Cry's sake! Krugman uses Media Matters as an authoritative source!
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