Monday, December 06, 2004

I know this link will expire. The crux of the article is that the Bush campaign recognized national cable and radio as potential goldmines (as opposed to the Kery campaign's believe of them as land mines) of potential voters.

As I mostly watch cable, this seems self-evident to me and would seem so to everyone else. Apparently not.

One of the interesting points made was that this emphasis on national cable was mentioned as the possible cause of the late Hawaii polls showing Bush even with Kerry. This alone made the article worthy of being read.

To nitpick, the article gave data to support the "porsche-loving" portion of the headline along with the "Leno-watching" one. It did not give anything to support the "Nascar" part. Basic middle school level essay writing would have caught this omission.

I am also amused with the data that says Democrats watch more television. Assuming the elite opinion that TV is for dopes, this certainly shows who the dopes are (as if the constant losing of elections didn't!)

You are a right-wing Nerd!!!! sph.
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