Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Shifting Blame

Looks like The crook running the UN, Kofi Annan, has laid the groundwork to shift blame in the Oil-for-Food scandal.

The money quote:

"Mr. Annan's spokesman, Fred Eckhard, when asked recently whether the secretary-general would resign, said, "Let's not get ridiculous," adding that a resignation was "out of the question." Last night, when asked by the Sun of his response to Mr. Coleman's article, Mr. Eckhard said, "Kofi Annan has no intentions of resigning. We're awaiting the judgment of Paul Volcker, which we believe would make clear which are the responsibilities of U.N. staff versus those of the members of the Security Council when it comes to oil-for-food."

I am trying to keep my mind open but I am having a harder and harder time understanding why the UN should be in America.

The best I have is to make it easier for us to spy on our enemies.

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