Saturday, January 08, 2005

German's Claim of Kidnapping Brings Investigation of U.S. Link from Sunday's NYT

I question whether a person can tell the same story without ever changing it.

"Mr. Masri, who had not gone public with his case, agreed to give an interview last month after being approached by The New York Times. During the interview, he spoke without notes, and in great detail, about his case. He said he was able to recount his time in captivity because he wrote down his experiences right after he was released.

The timeline was corroborated by documents, including a bus ticket and a stamp on his passport in Albania on May 29, the date he said he was released. He returned to Germany on June 3. His account also matched details in a report about his case written by Amnesty International, whose officials interviewed Mr. Masri on June 21."

Also, I am not willing to assign nefarious motives to the United States for aggressive actions in the pursuit of terrorists. So even if this entire piece is true, I don't mind.

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