Monday, January 03, 2005

A Way Out of Iraq (washingtonpost.com)

Used as a cogent defense of just leaving is an article from the rabidly left-wing Nation. This exemplifies the lefty bias I see in WaPo. Take an opinion piece in a far left publication and legitimize it by citing it as authoritative on the op-ed pages. (NYT does this all the time in particlua, Paul Frugman and his reliance on mediamatters.org)

Also, this column explicitiyly states that Saddam was running a "functioning country" - "...There was a government in place. People went to work and to the market and to school in relative safety..."

WHAT. THE. FUC..........

Define "relative", you poor excuse for a columnist.

Further, he legitimizes the conspiracy of the lunatic Left by giving ink, in a serious way, to US intentions of reaping civil war to maintian our presence in Iraq.

This columnist should be fired for utter stupidity, and if the Left, needs to understand why it loses, here is the article to demonstrate why.

Sorrily, he closes with another demonstration of why the Left loses. Leave Iraq and go do humanitarian work for hate-filled Muslim countires!

Muscular is the opposite of the Left's foreign policy credentials.

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