Friday, March 04, 2005

The New York Times > Opinion > Editorial: Greenspan Talks Tax Increases

As I read this during lunch, I was stunned how awful it was. Was it cut-and-pasted from some far-left blog?

The deficit is largely due to tax cuts? Huh? Ever hear of Afghanistan and Iraq? Ever hear of a bubble economy?

Do the dufuses at the NYT recognize that the tax increases Greenspan mentioned were VATs and national sales taxes, ones that effect everyone and not just the reviled "rich"? Did their tinfoil hat shortcuit and not receive the "progressive message" from the Mothership?

Strength of anti-tax fixation? Didn't we just have an election where "anti-tax fixation" won? The utter inanity is dumbfounding (or should I say "inducing of like mind with the NYT"?)

And then......LEAP from Greenspanese to the clarity that must be apparent to "anyone concerned about healing the economy" - no new tax cuts and no new life for old ones!

In its "concern for the economy" (Sounds an awful lot like the familar Lefty refrain of "Do it for the children."), NYT agitates for the expiration of prior tax cuts as if this will help the economy. (There are better-versed tax experts that can tackle this de facto tax increase. Here and here but not here.)

"Rich" clearly means those making more than $100,000 as there is immorality in allowing them to have "bigger write-offs for dependents". (I had not seen what this actually is, so I conclude the evils of the NYT has distorted something more benign into an ideological weapon.)

This segues into private accounts and a statement of utter honesty "....Congress may well do the right thing by raising taxes," Here it is! The Left's solution! "and then do the wrong thing with the money."

And what is the wrong thing? Private accounts! But the prevaricators at the NYT do not mention what the right thing is.

And it is here that the Left demonstrates the complete lack of intellectual vibrancy.

I am grateful for my ability to control my gag reflex or I'd have lost my lunch! (A large BK Big Fish value meal thank you!)

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