Monday, March 14, 2005

The New York Times > Technology > Liberal Bloggers Reaching Out to Major Media

The worst thing that could occur to the MSM is to begin listening to the Left-wing bloggers. It would only exacerbate the already present problem of liberal bias.

Gas on the fire seems appropriate.

You should listen to the call. There is no way this material would be used by the news media. A recording of the call is up on the web, and I played 2 minutes of it in my Podcast today. These guys are raving conspiracy nuts. Any rational person would hang up after 30 seconds.

Visit my blog and listen to the clip. It's at 10:15 into the program today. Podcasting is an audio blogging technique that allows subscribers to get each program automatically downloaded to their MP3 player or iPod, hence the name, Podcasting. But you can listen by just clicking on the MP3 link on my blog.
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