Saturday, March 12, 2005

The New York Times > National > Orlando Mayor Is Indicted in Absentee Ballot Case

Obviously, when the party affiliation was not mentioned the first time Mayor Dyer is named in the article (1st three words), I knew he ws a Democrat. However, the byline is by Abby Goodnough, a reporter who has a generally positive reputation in my book, and this caused me to question my rule-of-thumb in determining party affiliation - if none mentioned, then it is a Democrat.

Then the intimidating eldery black people incident from the last Presidential electionw as mentioned and the efforts by Democrats to implicate GW was introduced, and my rule-of-thumb was looking like it may have encountered....its exception that proves the rule.

While still awaiting "official" naming of Dyer as a Republican, the special prosecutor's party affiliation was designated as was the interim mayor's - both Republicans.

At this point, I sensed my rule of thumb would hold. And it did. In the 10th paragrapgh, Mayor Dyer's party affiliation was revealed! He's a Democrat and my rule-of-thumb remains!

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