Friday, May 06, 2005

Al Pirro sues reputed mobster-client, claims slander

I guess this means that two people can't say bad things about other people in conversation?

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Al Pirro sues reputed mobster-client, claims slander
(Original publication: May 6, 2005)

WHITE PLAINS — Calling reputed mobster Gregory DePalma a "self-styled Tony Soprano" and a "buffoon," Albert Pirro continued his counteroffensive yesterday by holding a news conference to announce his initiation of a $1 million slander lawsuit against one of his own clients, Robert Persico.

The lobbyist and his wife, Westchester County District Attorney Jeanine Pirro, have battled accusations this week that federal agents secretly recorded DePalma saying that Albert Pirro discussed details about his wife's case against a Mamaroneck police officer with Persico, another alleged mobster.

"As I have indicated in the past, I never made this statement to Persico. It is a total lie," Pirro said. "It is my belief that the commencement of this action will flush out the truth either by Persico or others during sworn testimony."

Pirro filed a one-page summons in state Supreme Court in White Plains yesterday, naming Persico as the sole defendant and charging him with "slander and slander per se," and threatening a $1 million default judgment with interest dating from Oct. 24, around the time the conversation is alleged to have taken place.

Persico and DePalma were arrested last month by federal agents in a sweep following a lengthy undercover investigation into organized crime in New York City and Westchester. Persico is charged with participating in a string of organized-crime ventures in the past several years with DePalma, suspected of being a capo in the Gambino crime family.

Yesterday, Pirro said he had received information from an attorney representing Persico who said Persico has denied making the alleged statement about Pirro to DePalma to at least one member of the news media, who declined to print it. Persico's lawyer did not return a message seeking comment yesterday.

Pirro did not rule out adding defendants to the suit, saying he decided to file it Wednesday night and that his lawyers were researching the possibility of suing several others.

District Attorney Pirro's term expires this year, and she has yet to announce whether she will seek another term. In response to questions about how the allegations are affecting his wife's political aspirations, Pirro said he believed his wife had scheduled a televised interview soon, and he would let her speak for herself.

When asked what message he intended to send by filing the lawsuit, the suspended lawyer said, "Anybody who uses my name as a potential contact with the District Attorney's Office in Westchester County will be sued. And if they've got the resources to fight me, let's go and get it on."
Well we know you can sue the potted plant but _did_ Pirro ever file suit?

Seems to be that the paper's first reaction (print Al Pirro's statement, don't ask any questions) was 'enough'.
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