Monday, May 23, 2005

Maybe Preschool Is the Problem - New York Times

Some thoughts.

I do not see the sophist jump from 6 "expulsions" per 1,000 pre-schoolers and No Child Left Behind.

As I live in a very wealthy community, I could see the overemphasis on skill development being an issue.

I seriously question the use of the word "expulsion" in this context. By using it, the debate is framed as one where pre-schoolers are being physically and sexually aggressive - the sorts of behavior that leads to expulsion in the higher grades.

That said, the article is a good read despite the sophistry of NCLB.

Another point to consider. Why don't we question whether pre-schoolers are ready to be in any non-parental situation for long periods of time? Oh wait, that was dismissed snarkily in the second sentence:

"Two-career families" - code words for working mothers - would be the easiest target, followed by violent cartoons or some electronic toy."

But I wouldn't have so faciley lumped parents in with cartoons and toys. The are not equal!

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