Thursday, June 09, 2005

The journalism of warfare by Keith Windschuttle

To quote:

Hanson was not a journalistic bystander and made no pretense at being dispassionate. He supported the Bush administration’s immediate use of military force in Afghanistan. Indeed, he was an advocate of such a response and gave personal advice to that effect to Vice President Cheney. On September 12, 2001 he wrote:

Osama Bin Laden has made a fatal miscalculation. Like everybody who scoffs at the perceived laxity of Western democracies, these murderers have woken an enormous power from its slumber, and retribution will shortly be both decisive and terrible… . In the months to come, American ground and air forces, with better weapons, better supplies, better discipline and more imaginative commanders—audited constantly by an elected Congress and President, criticized by a free press—will shatter the very foundations of Islamic fundamentalism… . The Taliban and other hosts of murderers at bases in Pakistan, Iraq and Syria may find reprieve from Western clergy and academics, but they shall not from the American military. America is not only the inheritor of the European military tradition, but in many ways also its most powerful incarnation… . These are intimidating assets when we turn, as we shall shortly, from the arts of production to those of destruction. The world, much less the blinkered fundamentalists, has not seen a United States unleashed for a long time and so has forgotten all this.

This passage sums up the protective love that makes us Americans - threatens ours and the fury of our beings will stop it. To grasp it if is escapes you imagine someone harming your child.

I wanted that passage from VDH whom is a must-read every Friday at NRO

And while our military is kicking the pants off them, the anti war crowd is giving the enemy comfort by their constant whining..It's uterly amazing to me.. Three thousand prople killed on our own soil and some people are not motivated to kick ass...
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