Monday, August 29, 2005

Able Danger Mystery Solved? - Bloggers may have figured it out. By Mickey?Kaus

I know why I can read Kaus.

"P.P.S.: Like many New Yorker policy articles, Gladwell's reads like a lecture to an isolated, ill-informed and somewhat gullible group of highly literate children. They are cheap dates. They won't think of the obvious objections. They won't demand that you "play Notre Dame," as my boss Charles Peters used to say, and take on the best arguments for the other side. They just need to be given a bit of intellectual entertainment and pointed off in a comforting anti-Bush direction. [Like highbrow sheep?--ed You said that.]"

I feel the same way. Not about the New Yorker, as I won't read it, but about those who do.

FYI: When I went to print Gladwell's article from the New Yorker website, I got an ACLU pop-up.

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