Friday, August 19, 2005

An interesting article on used car demand in Westchester County NY.

Specifically, used SUVs.

I accept the premise that buyers want vehicles with higher gas mileage and are trading in their low gas mileage vehicles in response to skyrocketing gas prices. Spending $35 to fill-up a Chevy Malibu is ridiculous. Spending $50 to fill a Honda Odyssey is worse.

However, I only see the resellers (read: car dealerships) of these vehicles as being desparate to take action. Those of us who may consider buying a used SUV, and with a family of five a Prius is not practical, can simply wait. The prices of these vehicles are entering a loooooooong, downward trend. I would even go so far as to say "spiral."

After I run the Malibu into the ground, a used SUV may be perfect!

(Obviously, my disgust with the prices of filling a gas tank revolve more around a sense of value than around financial distress.)

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