Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Left wants to bludgeon John Roberts with his assessment of 'comparable worth."

Did they clear this with Hillary? She has sponsored a bill authorizing the Labor Department to set "voluntary" wage guidleines for various occupations.

How is the Labor Department imbued with the power of God to know what various occupations should pay.? Will these Labor Department founts of all-knowingness be political appointees?

As these questions are simply answered "They aren't" and "Yes", this is nothing more than a bureaucratic takeover. Some would say have a department of the State determine wage guidelines to be socialist.

Does Hillary want all the useful idiots and dupes in the MSM to know she is sponsoring a socialist program? And if it was refuted 20 years ago and she still holds it dear, is there any reason not to examine any of her other previously held views?

Is this good for her duplicitious move towards the "middle"?

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