Wednesday, August 10, 2005

My posts are getting farther and farther apart.

This has occurred for two reasons.

The first is burnout from the 2004 election. I am just tired of reading and staying up-to-date with the latest semantic parsing of each side of the political debate. And without doing so, this blog will be even less informed than usual.

The second is there are only so many ways to comment politically, and frankly, there are those who do it better than I do.

National Review is one. Powerline Blog is another. Captain's Quarters is good but I discern it is not in the same class as the first two, and neither is Little Green Footballs.

The MSM bores me. I've concluded any newspaper who gets their reporters from the New Republic are inherently biased, and, as the major newscasts take their lead from the newspapers, I can obtain their spin from a few minutes of watching those.

I have found myself becoming more appreciative of the New York Post - fervently pro-America and anti-criminal and conservative. It also has a sports section devoid of Martha-Burkesian columnists. Add in comics and Scrabble, and I'm satisfied. It'd be nice if the NYT crossword puzzle were there, but as I've posted previously, I can do those already so why care. (I max score the Scrabble puzzle everyday but I still like it!)

Something may strike me that I'd want in e-posterity so I will be back.

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