Thursday, August 10, 2006

Poor Joe Lieberman. If only the islamist bombing plot had been foiled this weekend instead of this morning, he would have won the CT primary.

I know it is becoming more and more naive, but I'd still like to think the CT primary voters would have stuck with a strong national security candidate with the foiled terrorist bombing fresh on their minds.

On a positive note, I know I am excited for Lieberman's candidacy. I'm still a little sore from his flip-flopping during the VPOTUS run, but that can be chalked up to supporting the ticket versus changing his principles. (Ed: But didn't he change his principles to support the ticket?)

NYC mayor, uber-social liberal RINO Mike Bloomberg can out foursquare in Liberman's corner. As much as his social liberalism bothers me, I find myself still respecting Mayor Bloomberg.

His endorsement will help the soft-handed whites of Fairfield County vote for Lieberman in the fall.

(Although I still can't believe seeing wimpy Ned Lamont standing in front of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton on election night hasn't made at least 10,000 of his primary supporters scream, "What have I done!?")


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