Friday, February 22, 2008

Declarations - WSJ.com: "I wonder if she knows that some people look at her and think 'Man, she got it all.' Intelligent, strong, tall, beautiful, Princeton, Harvard, black at a time when America was trying to make up for its sins and be helpful, and from a working-class family with two functioning parents who made sure she got to school.
That's the great divide in modern America, whether or not you had a functioning family, and she apparently came from the privileged part of that divide. A lot of white working-class Americans didn't come up with those things. Some of them were raised by a TV and a microwave and love our country anyway, every day.
Does Mrs. Obama know this? I don't know. If she does, love and gratitude for the place that tries to give everyone an equal shot would seem to be in order."

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She is a very privileged individual. This video I found really puts it all into perspective. There are so many people who just don't have. It's amazing.

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