Monday, February 25, 2008

This is juvenille, but I wonder how the campaign didn't recognize the political danger in doing this? I guess only violations of sensitivity made by Republicans is worthy of concern.


It is time for Right-Wing politicos admit that
1. they do not believe, and refuse to abide by, the Constitution of the United States;
2. they do not believe and refuse to observe that those who are not rich have the same rights as those who are;
3. they do not believe that the lives of those who are not rich have the same value as those who are, especially during wartime;
4. they do believe that symbols of the country (e.g., flag-pins) have more importance than the substance that is the country, because they can be used to guide and direct the uneducated;
5. they do believe that the Old Testament is the fundamental book of Christianity, that the New Testament adds nothing to it, and that the practical accumilation of wealth is more important than any Biblical morality;
6. they do believe that language, religion, intelligence, and the capacity to accumilate wealth are, or ought to be, passed to us through birth (and hence constitute a birth-right).
These six principles have become manifest in the policies of the Bush Administration, and are now almost explicitly stated by RightWing pundits.
All I am asking is that they come all the way out of the closet, proclaim these as their basic principles, and present their case honestly to the American people. If we are going to put an end to our Representative Democracy and give it over to an oligarchic republic for and by the wealthy, may we at least have one honest, reasonable referendum on this issue? Just as a matter of courtesy to the memory of the Founders who made it possible for us to be here?
I don't see how RightWingers can claim to be patriots any other way - because otherwise, they are traitors.
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